Jon Carl

Jon Carl

Senior Web Developer Database Administrator


Jon is the senior DBA (Database Administrator) and lead application developer for Sidium. We can now pause for you to realize how cool he is. Pause over. His specialties are MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, Percona SQL, Laravel Framework, Bootstrap, NodeJS and multiple social and data API’s. He has worked for Sidium officially since 2010 but has participated in projects and client work for Sidium since 2008. Including 2019, he will have been working in the IT industry for twenty-one years.

Jon enjoys the IT industry, especially being a consultant because he is constantly learning, figuring out solutions and solving new problems. He especially liked the changes over the last five years. “The IT field moves so fast and we’ve seen some amazing advancements in technology and working at Sidium, we get to experience the bleeding edge of that movement.”


In his time off Jon runs a company that provides online tournament support to video game companies. He likes to read, catch a movie from time to time and watch home improvement shows on HGTV (Why is it that nobody realizes they are going to have plumbing and electrical problems in a 100-year-old house?).


Certified in MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Remote DBA, Amazon Web Services and has completed training in Redis, Cloudflare deployment, Laravel, Google Analytics, Amazon S3 & Route 61.