Business Technology

Software & IT Support to Keep Your Business Running

As a business owner or manger, you recognize the value of maintaining a productive work environment. This can be challenging for a growing company, especially one without the proper IT infrastructure in place. Let Sidium Solutions handle all your IT needs – from custom software implementation to network security & backup solutions – to help you maintain a safe, secure, and productive work environment.

Business Technology Services

Software Development

Can’t find the right software for your team’s needs? Let us design it for you. Our developers can eliminate your frequent headaches by building an application that addresses the exact concerns of your office. From moving data more efficiently between you and your customers to simplifying document management for your HR department, our applications can help your business operate more efficiently.

Our team can even take your application setup to the next level by enabling all of your applications to talk and work together through the use of API (Application Programming Interface) configurations.

  • Design & implement custom applications to meet your exact requirements
  • Connect data points across platforms through API configurations

Cloud Computing

The business world is increasingly moving to remote and distributed teams. Cloud-based storage solutions gives your team increased collaboration and productivity – no matter their location. Plus, enterprise-level security and remote backups means your data remains secure.

Sidium Solutions works with your team to provide the right cloud computing system for your needs. So, whether you need cloud-based medical records, software, or access to Office files, we have the solution for you.

  • Enjoy access to files while maintaining enterprise-level security
  • Specializing in cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Network & Data Security

Today’s communications landscape, where data is constantly being shared across devices, leaves businesses more vulnerable than ever before to security threats. Thanks to our background in defensive security management and experience leveraging antivirus and web filtering software, Sidium can protect not only your data but your entire IT infrastructure from possible risks.

Sidium offers a host of products and services to keep your data safe and secure. Anti-virus and anti-spam filters, network-wide firewall, and secure network equipment creates a safe network that actively looks for threats & vulnerabilities. Proactive testing & software updates will ensure that your network remains secure.

  • Comprehensive hardware and software systems to protect your network
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of your network’s security

Compliance Services

You’re focused on providing your customers with the best service possible, but the government wants to make sure you are adhering to the latest policies and regulations. Whether you are in the healthcare, financial, or legal space, or if you are a small business that handles credit card payments, maintaining compliance involves every part of your company’s network.

Sidium helps you stay compliant with government and industry regulations. We work with trusted partners to provide training, security risk assessment, and a comprehensive platform to ensure your systems are compliant. If you accept credit card transactions, we have a PCI compliance tool you can use to stay compliant.

  • Stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI, OSHA, and other regulations
  • Continued support through training programs and security risk assessments (SRA)

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription-based software program that gives your office with the whole suite of Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. With Office 365, you’ll always have access to your office documents, no matter which device you’re using. And Office 365 is great for collaboration amongst your team, keeping everyone on the same page with real-time editing.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can help you select the right Office 365 package for your company – and back it up with exceptional support.

  • Give your team flexibility for devices and work environments
  • Gain budget certainty with predictable costs


Need a reliable phone system for your team? We install VoIP phone systems that keep your productivity up. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides flexibility, scalability, and new features that you can’t get from traditional phone providers.

At Sidium Solutions, we can recommend, design, and install a hosted VoIP system that gives your team a robust, reliable phone system that makes their jobs easier.

  • Enjoy features like call routing and call forwarding, digital voicemail to email transcription, conference lines, and more
  • Create a phone system that scales and grows with your team